Adam Ondra 8C+ FA - Up-Climbing

Adam Ondra 8C+ FA

ukc   reports that Adam Ondra has made Terranova 8C+ In  Holstejn Czech republic, near his home.
"…I know that if I feel that this climb is harder that the rest of the 8C’s I have done, it does not necessarily mean that it is 8C+, but I feel it would be stupid to keep calling something soft 8C, mid 8C and hard 8C. In my opinion, Terranova breached the barrier of hard 8C, that is how I feel it compared to other climbs I tried or did."
The old 8C+ bloc:
"Tonino 78" by Mauro Calibani – downgraded  8C, "The Game" by Daniel Woods – Boulder, downgraded 8C by Carlo Traversi)  "Wheel of life" (70 mov by Koyamada, downgraded 8B+/C  "Lucid dreaming" (highball – Bishop by Paul Robinson.

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Photo: Climb 4 fun