Axioma M8 WI6 at Tozal de la Ripera - Up-Climbing

Axioma M8 WI6 at Tozal de la Ripera

"This one of the must challenging mixed ice routes in Pyrenees" said  Javier Bueno, former member of  Equipo de Jóvenes Alpinistas and now of Rescue High Mountain  Group of Guardia Civil, the team that carried out the first ascent of the route.
 The project was started by  Manolo Rodríguez by Santos Granados 5 years ago; then last year Mikel Zabalza and brothers Simon and Martin Elias ascended up to the third pitch; on January  27, 2010 Manolo, Jorge Embid and Ángel Salamanca did the forth and the day after Chiro Sánchez, Kike Villasur and Javier Bueno climbed the whole route, in very severe meteo conditions. 

First repeat by  Manu Córdova and Edu González only five days later!

L1: WI 4, 50m
L2: 50º snow, 35m
L3: M8, 35m
L4: WI 6 expo, 30m
L5: WI 5+ expo, 50m
L6: WI 3+/4, 50m
L7: WI 5, 45m

Source and photos: desnivel