GoPro launches a pilot program to present FUSION - Up-Climbing

GoPro launches a pilot program to present FUSION

GoPro announced a pilot program for GoPro Fusion, its 5,2K spherical camera designed to be the ultimate device for capturing both totally virtual content content as well as more traditional (non-VR) and photo video.

You can apply to participate in the pilot program that will be presented this summer.

Fusion is just that, the ability to capture every aspect at the same time simultaneously, as if there were six GoPro rooms fused together – says CEO and founder of GoPro, Nicholas WoodmanFusion represents the ultimate in versatile spherical catch Both filming for virtual reality, and for traditional content with a fixed perspective“.

Fusion is presented by the Californian company as the ultimate sphere solution for capturing imagery for innovative content that challenges any limit. In addition to high quality spherical capture, Fusion 5.2 K resolution and the new OverCapture creative solution offer, as well as GoPro presents its product, the ability and flexibility to produce non-VR video and HD quality video , Captured by the spherical device. Not just a VR solution, Fusion would also ensure that professionals have the ability to capture the unexpected.

To get an idea of ​​the possibilities of Fusion, you can see the The Inside Line “Relive the Reality” blog, a 360 ° exclusive video that includes an African safari, as well as J.T. Holmes and Jeb Corliss.

This summer, GoPro will work closely with a selection of partners, including brands, agencies and professionals, to further enhance the user experience and produce inspirational content that demonstrates Fusion’s creative potential. GoPro is also planning a limited Fusion marketing launch by the end of 2017. Price details and other specifications will be provided at launch.

Those interested in participating in the pilot program can now sign up for GoPro.