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Minimize your impact

BD launched last year the Minimize your impact project, an initiative aimed at raising awareness of the practice of sport in a responsible and conscious way.

By involving its network of athletes, partners, friends and employees, Black Diamond asked its community to participate and share, in their own worlds and in their own words, the best practices for living the outdoors with respect.

A few simple rules, or rather GOOD HABITS, that sportsmen of any age, specialization and level should follow and share. Reduce your footprint, take away the garbage you produce, respect the people and nature around you, and be a role model for others. Whether you are a trail running lover, passionate climber or tireless hiker, we all have a role and can do our part to preserve our beautiful planet.

Last year the Black Diamond athletes enthusiastically joined the project and, during the month of August, they disseminated a series of social contents inspired by good habits to minimize their impact. This year Black Diamond aims to extend the campaign to the entire outdoor community, because together we can make a real difference.

From this week until mid-June, Black Diamond invites the outdoor community to publish social content with the hashtag #minimizeyourimpact to spread the culture of respect for the environment when doing sport.

Outdoor lovers spread the message, minimize your impact!