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ORTOVOX: precautionary recall action

Precautionary recall action of the A.R.T.VA 3+ device with Ortovox 2.1 software version

Individual reports from ORTOVOX SAFETY ACADEMY PARTNERS have pointed out that in the A.R.T.VA 3+ device with the software version 2.1, a temporary disturbance of the transmission function can occur, albeit in very rare situations. This may involve an extension of the research process.

The reason for this disturbance is to be found in a software error. ORTOVOX is not aware of any incidents that could have been caused by this software error. However, to exclude any kind of risk for its customers, the company decided to launch a 3+ precautionary recall operation with the software version 2.1.

The devices affected by the recall action can no longer be used without first having carried out the necessary software update.

The precautionary recall action concerns only the A.R.T.VA devices of the ORTOVOX 3+ model with the software version 2.1. 3+ devices are not involved with software versions 1.0, 1.1, 2.0, 2.2 – regardless of the color of their case – as well as all other A.R.T.VA ORTOVOX devices (S1 +, S1, ZOOM).

Since the foundation of our company in 1980, the safety of our customers is a top priority for us – said the company about it – With the 3+ ORTOVOX has been selling an efficient product for mountain emergency situations since 2010. Despite our in-depth quality controls, we found a situation that had not been detected previously in our quality control processes“.

RECALL ACTION MANAGEMENT: with the new software version 2.2 the defect has been eliminated. The devices involved can be sent starting from 25/5. All the information needed to identify the devices involved and the procedure for this recall action can be found on the Ortovox website.