SALEWA wins the ISPO Gold Award - Up-Climbing

SALEWA wins the ISPO Gold Award

The new SALEWA Winter Train backpack has won the ISPO Gold Award, the award that every year an independent international jury made up of experts in the sector assigns the most innovative products selected from over four hundred applications from all over the world.

The South Tyrol brand specialized in mountain equipment had already received the same recognition in 2017 for the Ultra Train 18 speed hiking backpack, thus confirming the most innovative brand in the backpacks segment for alpine activities.

The Winter Train backpack has convinced the ISPO Award jury with a transport system that helps keep the back dry even during the difficult climbs on the snow and with a brilliant functional solution to hook and unhook the skis without having to remove the backpack.

The speed with which you can take skis without removing the backpack is unique. Back and shoulder straps provide excellent ventilation and reduce sweating, “notes Pierre-Oliver Bédard, a member of the jury.

Taking advantage of the use of thermographic images, the Salewa research and development team investigated how to make the backpacks more breathable on the back and on the shoulder straps. The solution is a backrest called Contact Flow Fit that was engineered on the Winter Train along with the Split Shoulder Strap. This system is based on the principle of reducing the backpack area in direct contact with the body without compromising the load control, and integrating a mechanical ventilation system able to promote air circulation on the back.

We have started the development process of the Winter Train starting from the premise that ski mountaineers and mountain sports enthusiasts perspire during the ascent and that a back that remains dry offers a remarkable sense of comfort and avoids cold shocks or hypothermia in winter – explains Sebastian Schaller, Salewa Technical Sales Manager – For the Winter Train we have dedicated the same attention to the lightness and freedom of movement necessary for dynamic sports such as speed hiking, developing some functional details to make it easy to use with a few quick maneuvers even with gloves and fully equipped with skis or crampons“.

The Ispo Gold Award will be officially presented on January 29th in Munich at the awards ceremony that will take place during ISPO, the international era for sporting goods. The Winter Train backpack will be available starting from August 2018 in two colors and in two volumes: 22 liters for women and 26 liters for men.