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Bouin frees a new 9a+

If Bouin frees a new 9a+: Myr.

Seb Bouin is one of the contemporary French climbers who most took to heart the legacy of the greats who preceded him. He has been traveling the world for years in search of extreme challenges, but has a particular penchant for French routes. His other great passion is then the somewhat hidden and forgotten climbs, such as the hidden gems of Fred Rouhling.

Near Montpellier, Bouin bolted an extreme super project last year, as well as the 9a with which he shares the upper section. Analyzing the pitch, Myr can be divided into three parts: a section around 8a + which culminates with a boulder problem around 7C, and then ends up on à quelques mètre de la légalité, 9a. For the complete mix, Seb proposes the grade 9a+.

Myr means peace in Ukrainian and stands as the eighth 9a+ freed by Seb. Fun fact? None of the eight seems to have been repeated …

From Seb Bouin’s IG page

Alessandro Palma