IFSC World Cup 2021 – Innsbruck

All four individual disciplines: Lead, Boulder, Speed and Paraclimbing

22 June 2021
The IFSC World Cup 2021 takes place in Innsbruck from June 22 to 26.

Only a few weeks before the Olympic premiere of the climbing sport in Tokyo, all four individual disciplines (Lead, Boulder, Speed and Paraclimbing) will be held for the first time at an IFSC event outside of a world championship within the framework of the 1st IFSC Austria Climbing Open.

Four international competitions will take place over five days at the spectacular outdoor facility of the Innsbruck Climbing Centre. Three of them (Paraclimbing, Lead, Boulder) as World Cup and Speed as European Cup.


Tuesday 22 June

  • 09:00 World Cup Paraclimbing Qualifications

Wednesday 23 June

  • 9:00 World Cup Lead qualifications
  • 18:00 European Cup Speed Qualification
  • 21:00 European Cup Speed Finals

Thursday 24 June

  • 9:00 World Cup Boulder qualifications
  • 18:00 World Cup Paraclimbing finals

Friday 25 June

  • 10:00 World Cup Lead semi-finals
  • 20:00 World Cup Lead finals

Saturday 26 June

  • 10:00 World Cup Boulder semi-finals
  • 18:00 World Cup Boulder finals 



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