Melloblocco 2016

The international Bouldering meeting in Val di Mello

05 May 2016

Melloblocco is back in Val di Mello from May 5 to 8. The international Bouldering meeting, collecting every year the best athletes of the world togheter with a large number of passionate, takes place as usual in Val di Mello and Valmasino (Sondrio – Lombardia – IT), the very nest of Bouldering itself.

Smart Climbing Festival

Melloblocco 2016 presents the Smart Climbing Festival: an open contest based on the Vertical-Life Climbing App, allowing to share the results and adding entertaining features.

Yoga 4 Climbers

Every day at Melloblocco there will be free yoga classes with YogAscent, for all the people who want the explore the path of yoga for climbing.

Prevention of climbing pathologies at Melloblocco 2016

During the meeting, free workshops about the prevention of climbing pathologies are scheduled.

For more information see the official website.

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