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Test Shield by Julbo, dedicated to the cross-mountain zappers

03 September 2018
Lightweight, comfortable, responsive, with excellent visibility and suitable for both mountaineering and trekking

Testing the Julbo Shield Reactiv Zebra I was aware that I would be a very demanding judge. Four years ago the prolonged exposure to light reflected on the glacier caused me a temporary "snow blindness", which was resolved in a week, but caused a permanent photosensitivity to both eyes.

Since then, protecting them with good glasses has become an imperative, especially in the mountains: with the Julbo Shield I went in crescendo, trying them first in low / medium mountains and then to test them on the glacier, in conditions of full sun and wind, for almost a full day on at least two occasions.

The model I used mounts Zebra photochromic Reactiv lenses, therefore suitable for variable conditions from shadow to light. The visibility is really good, as all the yellow-brown lenses highlight the reliefs and the three-dimensionality, when you take off your glasses you almost seem to see "blurred". This feature, together with a protection index of 2 to 4 and anti-fog, makes it valid both for mountaineering and for trekking and hiking in general.

Although I have not experienced them on sports too fast I can say that the reactivity of activation of the photochromic lens (from 2 to 4 in 22 seconds) seemed to me more than good.

The Julbo Shield have easily removable side guards (except to remember to store them in a safe place!) In soft fabric, which allow you to adapt the glasses to different conditions of use. Necessary on snow to better protect the eye from direct light and reflected light, but also useful in the case of wind, once removed make the eyewear exploitable in any outdoor environment.

On the whole they are light and comfortable to wear, provided they do not have too high cheekbones or too round cheeks: the shape tending to the square in fact, while ensuring a very wide field of vision, does not fit all types of face, before purchase is preferable to try them.

If on snow the glasses have done their job well, I wanted to try them even in conditions that envisage a progression less "calm" than that on ropes on glacier. Some climbing routes allowed me to test their hold in position with some jolts and more jump, and actually the rods and the anti-slip grip-nose keep the glasses where they should be! In order not to challenge luck, however, it is better to integrate with the lanyard, obviously the temples are provided with slots to hook it, the standard one has two comfortable hooks.

Technical details

  • Lens height: 45
  • Distance: 17
  • Length of the rods: 130
  • Base: 6
  • Hinges: Oui
  • Size: 59
  • Gabriele Poggi

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