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30 April 2019
An exciting news from JULBO, accompanied by a great and long-awaited return.

The JULBO SHIELD model combines modern design with the protection and safety required during mountain adventures. Eyewear suitable for any terrain, even in the presence of snow at high altitudes, Shield offers a very wide field of view and maximum protection thanks to the high quality of photochromic and polarized lenses and side protections.

The side protections are made of soft tissue that is gentle on the skin around the eyes and can be removed to wear the glasses even after a day in the mountains.

Shield is also equipped with non-slip shaped rods and grip noses that allow the glasses to remain in position with any movement and small holes on the frame, exactly above and below the lens area, for better ventilation, thus avoiding the formation of condensate on the inside of the lenses.

The rectangular shape makes it a model with an elegant but also bold style. Shield is made of REACTIV® High Mountain lenses of category 2-4: photochromic and polarized, and anti-fog. The polarization allows a marked reading of the reliefs and maximum protection. Also available with REACTIV® Performance 2-4 lens (non-polarized).


An iconic and timeless model

To celebrate the 125th anniversary celebrated in 2013, Julbo has revived the legendary Vermonts, the traditional and iconic mountaineering model, with round lenses and leather side shells. These glasses are a timeless classic and tell the story of the brand; rock stars, mountaineers and enthusiasts have worn them and praised them.


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