VAUDE: Zaino Proof 28

Smart Use and versatile character

08 October 2019
Outdoor and urban, the VAUDE Proof 28 backpack is robust, versatile and ecofriendly.

Sometimes it happens to be by bike or on foot, sometimes in the city, sometimes in the mountains, sometimes in the sun and sometimes in the rain. Is there a backpack adaptable to all these situations?

VAUDE has created the Proof 28 model, a backpack with a versatile character. In the main compartment of the Proof 28, more souls coexist: one for bicycle rides, one for hiking and, thanks to the integrated laptop compartment, even digital nomads find their homes.

A construction game.
The Proof 28 backpack boasts a particularly practical detail: its removable outer bag along with the compression straps. Here the various objects can be arranged quickly and easily - from the map to the guide via the GPS device to the windproof jacket.

In the main compartment there is a zippered pocket in which to store valuables. An additional small pocket for objects that must be immediately at hand is placed on the ventral belt. With an additional elastic spider cord of 1.20 m, with variable mounting, it is possible to arrange damp laundry items or to fix the bike helmet or trekking poles.

HF welding
HF indicates a high frequency welding, a process that on the one hand gives a particular robustness and on the other a 100% impermeability.

The Proof 28 has also been produced according to the Green Shape criteria created by VAUDE to certify its very high level of environmental sustainability. Even with the Proof 28 VAUDE has succeeded in satisfying its eco-friendly requirements, as proposed for all the new collections.

Shoulder flexibility
While the other backpacks give too much space to details and are oriented towards well-defined needs, the Proof 28 remains flexible and adaptable to various situations. VAUDE prefers to call it a SMART USE backpack, since the Multiuse concept according to the German company would not be able to fully express the logic of the Proof 28.


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