Product by 100% recycled material

11 October 2019
10 million plastic bottles to make the line consisting of 22 new travel companions

Patagonia for the 2019 fall / winter season renews its line of BLACK HOLE equipment bags, now made of 100% recycled material, thus helping to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills every day.

The brand, always attentive to environmental issues and the impact that its production can have on the planet, has taken a new step forward in the sector, creating a collection of 22 products that combine innovative design and sustainability. Each Black Hole® bag is sturdy, waterproof and sustainable: each model is in fact made of a material obtained by recycling a total of 10 million bottles of 100% plastic, used for every part of the bag, from the outer coating to the straps, from the tapes at the hinges.

By making an important move towards a circular production system that can exploit fewer resources, reduce waste and, consequently, protect the health of natural resources, Patagonia has completely eliminated virgin materials, thus reducing our dependence on oil products. Every piece in the Black Hole® collection (backpacks, bags, bags, pouches, suitcases, etc.) is made using plastic bottles and processing waste, giving them a new life.

The historic and indefatigable 55-liter Black Hole® Duffel is produced using 33 plastic bottles, thus reducing CO2 emissions from the entire line and the overall use of virgin fabric by the company by 59%.


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