GARMIN SOLAR: Fēnix 6, Instinct e Tactix Delta

GARMIN SOLAR series, a unique and innovative technology

22 July 2020
The sun has always been a source of energy and Garmin has taken inspiration from it to develop exclusive technology.

Applied to three new series of sport watches, this technology is aimed at outdoor enthusiasts looking for a tool that follows them in all their desire for adventure. Here, then, Fēnix 6, Instinct and Tactix Delta in the new Solar Edition version which, as their name anticipates, provide the innovative and exclusive Solar photovoltaic technology, capable of transforming sunlight into energy for an extension from battery runtime.

"We have succeeded in integrating innovative, non-invasive technology that uses solar energy to extend its autonomy in the most famous Garmin series of wrist products. Moreover, without acting on the aesthetics of the products - comments Stefano Viganò, CEO of Garmin Italy - Our future now starts from here".

In this transitional period as regards energy sources, there are many dynamics that have started and that are changing the way we live everyday life, work, but also the practice of the most varied sports activities. Savings and better management of time, but also and above all of energy resources, are redefining our approach to everyday life.

Appeared for the first time in August 2019 with the Garmin Fēnix 6X - Pro Solar model, the Solar function is an exclusive that the American company now extends to three iconic series of multisport products. Refill is guaranteed by a special transparent lens designed to not affect the aesthetics of the product in any way.

Thanks to this technology, Garmin users are offered a prolonged use experience, able to guarantee more time for their activities: from the use of color maps to listening to music and much more. At any time, and directly from the watch, it is possible to have access to the monitoring screen of the charge accumulator, in order to have immediate feedback on the extension of the autonomy. Relieving users of the fear of being out of office is certainly one of the objectives of the American company.

«Garmin offers innovative solar charging technology in its wearable devices. The new Solar Edition models are the result of the continuous commitment of our engineers, who are dedicated to research and studies to improve the experience of using our sportwatches even more - continues Stefano Viganò - Today more than ever we must take care of energies and resources, we believe that this evolution can be the beginning of a new path in the development of ever more advanced tools dedicated to sports and to your own well-being».


The new Garmin Instinct Solar, with their bold and unconventional design, are designed for those who experience the thrill of adrenaline experiences, even in an urban environment. The result of the combination of solar charging and the new Energy Saving mode guarantees unparalleled battery life. Instinct Solar, under standard conditions of use as a smartwatch, guarantees up to 24 days without recharging; autonomy that doubles in the case of sun exposure.

In addition to the functions already known, Garmin Instinct models also include Pulse Ox detection, to monitor the level of oxygenation of the blood, and the Body Battery ™ function, to detect the user's energy level through sleep control, intensity training and much more.

Instinct Solar - Surf Edition is the novelty designed for board and wave lovers. It allows you to know the tide data and the automatic analysis of waves, speeds and distances traveled by surfers. It was designed with the collaboration of the most experienced athletes in the sport.


After the success of the Fēnix 6X - Pro Solar model, the family of the iconic Garmin smart sportwatches expands with the Fēnix 6 - Pro Solar and Fēnix 6S - Pro Solar models which, by integrating the Power GlassTM technology, allow even more prolonged use, not only for land navigation and sports, but also for daily activities in smartwatch mode, such as listening to music or making purchases through our Garmin PayTM contactless payment solution.

Fēnix 6S - Pro Solar (with 42 mm case) has a guaranteed autonomy of up to 9 days which extends with the sun exposure of the display. The battery of Fēnix 6 - Pro Solar (with case of 47), on the other hand, in smartwatch mode guarantees use for up to 16 days if properly recharged with sunlight. The Fēnix 6 and 6S Solar version is also available, which provides all the functions of the PRO series but without advanced features such as the map and the ability to load music: a perfect product for those who want to train and do sport.

In addition to Solar technology, the Fēnix 6 - Pro Solar and Fēnix 6S - Pro Solar include new sport profiles dedicated to surfing, mountain biking and indoor climbing. An evolution that opens even more paths to adventure.

  • Surf profile: surfers will be able to trace the line of each wave faced, the time of activity, the maximum speed reached and the longest ride wave. Furthermore, during an outing with the board in the areas "monitored" by the Surfline® webcam service, it will be possible to upload the activity to your Surfline account and then view the video via Surfline Session ™.
  • Mountain bike profile: thanks to the new "Grit and Flow" function, bikers will be able to keep track of specific data for the off-road world, including the GRIT, which analyzes the type of track characteristics, and the FLOW, which analyzes the fluidity of the track.
  • Indoor climbing: climbers will be able to monitor the number of "routes" made, the vertical distance traveled, the ascent time, the degree of difficulty of each route and much more.

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