Helly Hansen: Mono Material

The new 100% recyclable insulators

21 September 2020

Made from 100% polyester and 100% recyclable, Helly Hansen's MONO MATERIAL synthetic duvets are designed for a circular economy.

According to the Ellen Mc Arthur Foundation study A New Textile Economy, the clothing industry is among the most polluting on the planet. Among the elements of environmental criticality is the scarce use of recycled materials for production - the so-called secondary raw materials - which amount to only 2% of the total. But the recycling of end-of-life textile products is even lower: only 1% of the materials used to produce new clothing come from used clothing.

One of the main obstacles to clothing recycling is that jackets, trousers and shirts are not designed for this purpose from the start. The separation of naturally complex products is made even more difficult by the sophisticated technologies used to produce fabrics in mixed materials. This generates an equivalent loss of around $ 100 billion a year and makes the goal of a circular apparel economy a distant goal today.

For the cold season of 2020/21, Helly Hansen presents MONO MATERIAL, a mini collection of urban & outdoor synthetic duvets, to be used alone or as an intermediate layer under the waterproof shell. The characteristic of Mono Material garments is not only to use a substantial percentage of recycled materials, but to be designed with the entire life cycle in mind to facilitate garment recycling and the creation of a true circular economy.

Each MONO MATERIAL product is made of only one material, in this case it is 100%. This not only makes the recycling process easier but improves the final result, because at the end of the recovery process the mono materials have a higher quality than mixed fibers.

"For over 140 years, Helly Hansen has been dealing with stylish protection from natural elements, both in outdoor activities and in the city. We always try to explore new designs and technologies to evolve our urban outdoor collection – explains Kristoffer Ulriksen, category manager director. in the Urban category by Helly Hansen – Although the realization of a circular system for our industry is still in development, we are excited to contribute with our new Mono Material line".

The protagonist of the Fall / Winter 2020/21 collection is the MONO MATERIAL INSULATOR, a synthetic down jacket made only using polyester with the exception of the zipper. To further reduce the environmental impact, the padding is made of 100% recycled polyester fibers and no PFC treatments are used. The seamless double weave channels make this synthetic duvet a warm and comfortable solution.


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