Briko: Action

The Italian brand crosses the boundaries of skiing and cycling to offer a multi-sport eyewear suitable for outdoor use

30 June 2017
Briko: Action, a spectacle that looks perfect for outdoor sports lovers.

Briko, an Italian brand founded in 1985, has its headquarters in Milan, where since then its Scuderia is shining for sporting successes. Thanks to characters such as Alberto Tomba, Deborah Compagnoni, Kristian Ghedina and Lindsey Vonn - just to name a few - of the ski world, or to cycling heroes such as Tony Rominger, Marco Pantani and Mario Cipollini, Briko's star has shone in so many scenarios International sportsmen.

Now the focus of the Milanese house has focused on the realization of a spectacle suitable for outdoor sports activities not only linked to the world of skiing or cycling.

ACTION is born: a glass that uses Briko's knowledge and technology to offer uncompromising performance and security.

Action is a full-bodied and durable biohazard, designed for sports activities. Frames are presented with a wide range of colors, and mirrored lenses of category 3. The structure is polished, as well as the lenses. The rod terminals are made of ultra-adherent rubber, allowing maximum freedom of movement. The soft hake also guarantees comfort even during a long-term use.

Lenses are available in the variants:

SM3 Silver Mirror cat. 3
RM3 Red Mirror cat. 3
BM3 Blue Mirror cat. 3
GM3 Green Mirror cat. 3

Finishes are available both glossy and opaque. The total weight is 26 grams.

For more information on both Action and the company, visit the Briko website.

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