FERRINO: DRY HIKE 32 and DRY RUN 12 with technology OUTDRY®

OUTDRY and FERRINO combine resources and technology to ensure maximum protection from water and weather

05 April 2017
FERRINO SS2017 collection presents two new products, both dedicated to the outdoor sports lovers: Ferrino Dry Hike 32 for trekking, and Ferrino Dry Run 12 for trail running, with OutDry® technology.

OutDry® is the innovative Italian technology to waterproof footwear, gloves, backpacks, protective outdoor clothing. Thanks to a unique direct lamination patented process of the membrane on the inner layer of the product, OutDry® ensures maximum protection against water and atmospheric agents and, simultaneously, an optimum transpiration. Among the several companies that have introduced in their collections the technology OutDry® we find FERRINO, one of the most outstanding outdoor brands.

The company presents its products, ensuring the technical features:

DRY HIKE 32 OutDry® looks like the product dedicated specifically to multi-day tours. Roomy, waterproof and unparalleled comfort, this backpack is the perfect companion for short and medium distance outputs.
Thanks to OutDry® technology, Dry Hike 32 is impermeable to 100% and able to withstand the pressure of a water column of 10,000 mm. The innovative construction system OutDry® lamina uniformly the waterproofing membrane to the innermost layer of the backpack, sealing the seams and reinforcing the material. Thanks to D.N.S. system on the backrest, Dry Hike 32 ensures maximum ventilation of the back, creating a volume between the backpack and the back. It is equipped with adjustable shoulder straps higher, for a custom fit, and a system on top pockets, waistband and side. In addition, the backpack allows the transport of ice picks / sticks and has a pocket on the back for insertion of the hydration system.

DRY RUN 12 OutDry® is designed to meet the needs of trail runners, both in race and training. Complitly waterproof backpack is equipped with all the accessories needed to tackle even the most challenging mountain running.
The OutDry® waterproofing technology, with the combined action of pressure and temperature, heat-seals the impermeable membrane inside the backpack. The result is a three-layer structure, waterproof and robust, which seals each point water inlet, including stitching, without compromising the weight and performance. Back, shoulder straps and waist belt are breathable fabric thanks to the combination of padding open cell and tissue in the network, for unprecedented comfort. The shoulder straps are adjustable in length to ensure a perfect fit, they are equipped with a mesh pocket and double pocket for water bottles. The system is completed on the waistband and pockets on top.

Entire Ferrino collection on site www.ferrino.it
More information about the site OutDry® www.outdry.com

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