Lizard: Leaf Evo

Test of the new shoe designed for comfort and transport but which proves to be very useful also on the cliff and between the blocks

21 December 2017
Leaf is light, compressible, comfortable, extremely easy to put on and undid. But will it be useful when you go climbing?

"Leaf is also the ideal shoe for climbers, its soft and comfortable upper allows a quick fit and pampers your feet when you take off your climbing shoes".

This is what is written in the technical description of the product in the Lizard catalog, and we asked to test them with curiosity. We have used them both in the crag and in the boulder areas, trying to highlight the merits and defects of this product.

Let's start with a general description.
The Leaf Evo by Lizard is a very light shoe, the feeling is almost like having a sandal at the feet. Despite being completely closed, the soft and light upper and elastic lacing leave a lot of freedom to the foot.
The thicker version of the sole gives good protection to the foot and has a minimal but deep sculpt that makes it very flexible.

It is therefore not an approach shoe, even if on easy paths it is perfectly fit. But if we want to give it a precise location in climbing, the base of the wall or the boulder area is undoubtedly the most correct, where in fact it is necessary a shoe easy to put on and undone several times even in a few minutes, comfortable, which makes the foot breathe. In these environments we can say that we have greatly appreciated it.

Leaf is a small shoe because it is compressible and very light. It is not a problem so, if you decide that the approach is too technical, put it in a pocket of the backpack and transport it to the cliff, where we can remove the most demanding shoes and prepare for the activity with Lizard feet.

Switching from the shoe to Leaf is easy and fast, the same as vice versa, both holding them in the shoe version, then with the closed heel, even more so by leaving it in slipper fit, with the thin rear band folded inside.

A pleasant discovery has been the possibility of using them as a shoe cover, to cover those few meters from the point where we prepare for climbing to the rock: it is here that we often dirty the soles to climb land, grass or mud, forcing us to circus numbers to clean them, or falsifying the first steps on rock. The elasticity of the upper and the strings allows easy insertion of the foot with the shoe fitted.

Small movements on the stones and on short and steep slopes are possible as long as you fix the removable insole, because it slips easily together with the foot on the underlying fabric, undermining the shoe. a couple of glue points and solve the problem.

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