Mammut: Alnasca Knit Low

Michelin and Mammut together for the approach

14 August 2017
Alnasca Mammut series renews partnership with Michelin to further boost the performance of the shoe

A modern shoe approach must satisfy many requirements. It must offer good traction on more land, support and comfort. It must also be as light as possible, and suitable for different activities.

To meet these needs, MAMMUT continues the partnership with MICHELIN to create its new Alnasca models. Equipped with the new MICHELIN Rock Tech sole for advanced ground clearance, these approach shoes are designed for those situations that require the grip of a sensitive but robust sole, without the weight that usually leads to. Mammoth presents them as ideal for the railways, for tiring approaches to the walls or easy hikes.

The logic result of the MICHELIN Alpine Lite 3970 mountaineering sole, the new sole is specifically developed for approach shoes, inspired by the MICHELIN NA00 rally winter tire for its excellent traction. Combining a special tread design with two different Michelin compounds, the shape and positioning of the dowels guarantee traction, stability and adaptability on different types of terrain.

The climbing zone features the Outdoor Extreme Compound (OCX) adhesive compound for greater friction, while the rest of the sole is made up of the Extremely Compound (OC) compound, extremely robust and durable.

Marc Estor Head of Business Unit Footwear, Mammut Sports Group AG:
"The MICHELIN Rock Tech sole is the second proposal developed with Michelin after the Alpine Lite 3970. It offers unique grip on the rock, regardless of the conditions. It offers optimum grip and significant accuracy in more technical laps on the mountain".


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