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19 September 2017
At its fourth generation, the new Mammut Eiger Extreme collection has the firm intention of setting a new standard for mountain sportswear.

Instead of being built on the functionality, the lightness and the bills of previous achievements, Mammut has completely redesigned the entire collection, realizing in many cases the products to the needs of climbers. Absorbent fabrics and new combinations of materials endure extreme mechanical stress and provide maximum protection against climatic influences.

The new Eiger collection has been developed in close collaboration with the best athletes of the Mammut Pro team who, as in the first generation of 1995, not only define the change of mountain sports but have an active role in plasmarli.

One of Mammoth's top priorities was to ensure that each element gave the feel of a second skin and fit perfectly to the athlete's typical movements in every situation. The new models were then developed directly on the athlete, with the aim of offering a new level of freedom of movement. Mammut has focused on the most modern materials, superior machining and optimum functionality. The products are so intrinsically robust, lightweight and ergonomic that they can fit both the toughest ascents and new speed records.


The special ergonomic cutting based on human anatomy and the strategic use of elastic materials allow for unlimited freedom of movement. For example, Mammut Vertical Motion ConstructionTM features dowels in the armpit and trousers area, preformed knee pads and elbows and seams ergonomically positioned on windbreakers.

Mammut High ReachTM jackets do not come up when stretching upwards, while remaining perfectly in place to ensure optimum protection from atmospheric conditions, even during climbing movements. The cutting, comprising a complex construction of the sleeve block, is based on a three-dimensional model, offering a new level of vertical freedom of movement during climbing.

Thanks to carefully weighted positioning and the combination of high quality functional materials in body areas typically subject to perspiration and cold, Mammut Thermo Management SystemTM guarantees optimum protection from atmospheric conditions, thermal tightness, moisture absorption and a 'high breathability. The Nordwand and Ultimate Eisfeld inner liner was developed by GORE-TEX® exclusively for Mammut. The interior material of a bright orange is more effective on the alpine terrain in low visibility or emergency situations. The jacket is reversible to make it easy to find even when the outside is dark or neutral.


The style that has led the design of the Eiger Extreme collection is inspired by two fundamental alpine elements: ice and rock, observed through a microscope. Clear and finite structures meet organic aspects. This interesting interaction comes to a unique concept of color and design. The vibrant shades inspired by the light refracted in the ice crystals have their complement in the peaceful gray tones that recall the rocks. Nitide crossed monochrome lines and a melange print seem to rotate around clear X-shapes, adding stylistic details. The new exclusive interior creates a striking contrast with a bright orange tone that brings us back to the roots of the Eiger Extreme collection.

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