OCÚN presents the new series OXI

Thanks to the results obtained last year and cooperation with Alban Levier was born a family of shoes designed for all conditions

20 February 2017
OCÚN launches in 2017, the new family of shoes OXI, designed for every need.

In 2016 OCÚN presented Oxi, climbing shoe specially designed for the hardest boulder movements. During his first season Oxi has received good ratings in tests, becoming known among climbers. For 2017 OCÚN has improved Oxi following the first year output market results, especially considering the feedback from the experience of the World Cup, which was attended by their ambassador Alban Levier.

From this experience it was born the Oxi S. The success of the Czech Oxi has prompted the company to produce a family of models, in addition to the Oxi S the Oxi Lady, Oxi LU and Oxi QC. Each of these models is dedicated to a specific discipline.

OCÚN presents the new series this way:

The distinctive curve asymmetry and the sole are the common features of all the shoes belonging to the family Oxi. The toe and heel rubberized help perform technically demanding moves.

Oxi S
With more rubber toe-box of the whole family and the reinforced bead is designed for bouldering. The liner with a single Velcro is easy to wear and take off. This product is an upgraded version of the shoe used during the experience of the World Cup. A more sensitive sole, with greater stability in the tip protects the joints and increases friction.

Oxi LU
More resistant than any other shoe in Oxi family, this shoe designed for high performance in all climbing disciplines. The laces make the highly adjustable slipper and are out of the way in tight crevices. The toe-box and heel rubber protects your foot in the cracks also increasing the friction. Oxi LU is suited to sport climbing as for traditional ways. The shoe is provided with two series of laces, as well as there are two ways to set the lacing on them, one for training and the other for climbing.

Oxi QC
Sport climbing, bouldering or training. Oxi QC is a versatile shoe that allows you to compete in all disciplines. The toe and heel loaders offer the ability to run on any surface outlets. The two velcro straps directional oppositely make Oxi QC easy to put on, and keep the foot firmly in place. The strong asymmetry and the aggressive curvature work in combination with the hard midsole and the outsole rubberized, making this shoe suitable for all types of sport climbing.

Oxi Lady
Female version of the climbing shoe, suitable for performance of bouldering. The toe and heel are designed specifically for frequent outlets. It provides great sensitivity and easy donning thanks to Velcro strap. Oxi Lady is designed to be used in indoor and outdoor bouldering. It has a smaller volume of the instep and a tighter structure to fit the shape of the female foot.

Information and details: OCÚN.com

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