Patagonia: Micro Puff Hoody

The new Micro Puff Hoody is the lightest and most compact Patagonia padded jacket ever.

03 October 2017

Thanks to the combination of the finest feather features and synthetic padding, Micro Puff Hoody guarantees an unprecedented balance of heat, weight and compressibility.

After nearly ten years of trying to overcome the limitations of synthetic padding, Patagonia today introduces Micro Puff Hoody, the lighter and more compressible padded jacket created by the company. Made by combining the best properties of feather and synthetic padding in an ultralight fabric, the result obtained is a perfect balance between heat, weight and compressibility thanks to the use of PlumaFill, an innovative synthetic insulation combined with a stage construction technique patent that prevents the padding from compacting or moving.

Jenna Johnson, vice president of outdoor industry, said: "Knowing that the feather is wet and loses its volume - essential to trapping heat - while synthetic fabrics can not reach the same heat and compressibility offered by feather padding, our research and development team devoted several years to study and test on the field any possible interaction and combination of materials and padding. We tried to remove Achille's heel in any type of padding and we excluded dozens of technologies before arriving at PlumaFill".

For the first time, therefore, Patagonia uses the PlumaFill synthetic padding, which has a unique stabilizing structure thanks to layers of ultra-thin filaments that trap heat, thus offering the same heat and compression as feather compression combined with performance of the synthetic padding that can keep the heat even if it is wet. Combined with ultra-lightweight nylon fabric Pertex Quantum® GL, the PlumaFill is highly compressible and the touch remains soft as the feather. To stabilize the padding and avoid moving or compacting, the Patagonia design team has worked in its Forge research and development lab on countless materials to find a unique solution to stabilize the padding.

"We have finally found - concluded Jenna Johnson - the best solution thanks to Micro Puff, which presents the incredible benefits of feather and synthetic padding combined in one piece".

Finally, the team developed a pattern with discontinuous stitches and diverted, to reduce the number of sewing stitches and reach larger areas, reducing the overall weight of the jacket and avoiding cold infiltration. With quilted workmanship with fewer dowels, but with larger dimensions, the heat can move more freely within the jacket, giving it a uniform heat.

"I've worn Micro Puff in almost every mountain company I've been involved in over the past nine months" - says Colin Haley, ambassador Patagonia for Mountaineering - This jacket is one of the most exciting new products Patagonia has ever created and, in my opinion, what makes these special jackets is the extremely balanced ratio between weight and heat. Most people who try one of these jackets for the first time really think it's featherweight, not synthetic padding".

The jacket is also equipped with two pocket pockets with reinforced zippers, while a left pocket offers greater containment capacity thanks to a reinforced inner bezel.

The main details that characterize the new Micro Puff collection are therefore:

  • The best heat-weight ratio of any jacket ever made
  • More compressible than any synthetic jacket ever made
  • It feels feather Island even if it is wet
  • It shows extraordinary elasticity and preserves its softness after washing
  • Its unique design makes the padding not move, does not compact and avoids cold infiltration throughout the life of the head
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