Patagonia: Nano-Air® Light Hybrid Jacket Test

The new lightweight Hybrid jacket from the Californian brand creates dependency

01 August 2017
To test and test the characteristics of Patagonia's Nano-Air® Light Hybrid Jacket, environments where protection, warmth and breathability were required to co-exist and be guaranteed.

After all, it is not always hoped that technical material will guarantee such performance. How many times do you get wet, and with the annoying sensation of sweating that cools, just as the slope softens and aerobic activity slows down?

Designed for athletes committed to the utmost effort, and for moderate cold conditions, Nano-Air has been used on some mountain climbing and climbing itineraries.

The first tour took place on the beautiful Tour des Périades, between the ice and granite of Mont Blanc, in high altitude during a spring day, with good weather and little wind. Uphill, first with skis under the skis and then in the canal leading to the Brèche de Puiseux, the features of the jacket really left the mark. In the shadow, at 3.400m on a slope of over 45 °, you have to find a compromise between the cold and the inevitable sweat. It is in conditions like this that the Nano-Air® Light Hybrid Jacket gives you the best of yourself, while protecting yourself while avoiding sweating on your lips, letting you have a good body temperature. Once at Brèche, at 3,432, it was possible to equip the double without having to take off or change the jacket, thus speeding up the maneuvers, and this very important aspect in the mountains.

The second test took place in Grignetta on a rocky road, in advanced spring. Here, Nano-Air® has proven to be very useful when the road has entered the shade and the sole capilene® shirt was no longer enough. While Nano-Air®, with the new 40g / m² FullRange™ padding, seems to be too hot to use, it seems to adapt to the needs of the over-sized climbing jacket using a padded jacket in this condition. Thanks to the honeycomb construction of the back and the under sleeve. In short, no cold (and not too hot) and dry body.

Finally, the Nano-Air® Light Hybrid Jacket is a very nice jacket from the first impact: soft to the touch and well-finished, it fully meets the characteristics given by Patagonia. The padding is lightweight, breathable and elasticized but warm enough to protect it without sweating. The model is skinny, the hand warmers pockets are smartly placed so as not to interfere with the harness or belt of the backpacks, and the cuffs are elasticized and fitted with thumb stitches to protect the back of the hands from the cold.

One observation. The 100% nylon ripstop outer fabric, with DWR treatment (long lasting water repellent), is very light, but at times it seems a bit delicate. If you have to crush or tear, you can always use the Worn Wear program on liability and repair garments to have a lesser impact on the planet.

Thanks to its extreme versatility, the Nano-Air® Light Hybrid Jacket creates dependence and is likely to be used in the city as well.


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