SALEWA - Ortles Hybrid 2 PRL Jacket

Salewa presents its new jacket designed to deliver high-level performance in every sport

21 February 2017
Ortles Hybrid 2 PRL Jacket is the brand new  by SALEWA designed to deliver high-level performance in any sport.

So the company of Bolzano describes the product:

Properties due to PrimaLoft® Insulation Silver, the jacket stays warm even when wet, patented microfibers are in fact able to offer superior thermal performance. It is waterproof, windproof, breathable and provides excellent abrasion resistance. The Ortles Hybrid Jacket is a hybrid jacket built to ease the movement during sports.

Developed in collaboration with our climbers, it offers protection from the cold at the professional level, combined with a wide freedom of movement, essential for activities such as mountaineering, ski touring, climbing and ice climbing.

The Ortles Hybrid Jacket is designed according to the SALEWA body mapping system. The result is a hybrid coat, chest, back and arms protected by the Primaloft® Silver® 60g padding, a quick-drying and breathable material designed to stay warm even when wet. The fabric inserts 2-way stretch Durastretch resistant to abrasion on his chest, under the arms and sides give great comfort and freedom of movement.

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