SCARPA: Furia S and Maestro Eco

Two new climbing products come from Asolo

13 April 2018
The mission of SCARPA is to provide each climber with the best tools, so the shoes become more and more specialized.

Furia S (Soft line)

The evolution in climbing shoes. The Soft Line ensures maximum sensitivity and facilitates the natural movement of the muscles of the foot. The midsole design and tensioning systems combined with SRT technology guarantee total b in the supports, encouraging a faster and more dynamic climbing style both on the wall and on the plastic.

Ultra soft and sensitive, Furia S gives the feeling of being barefoot on the rock and the ability to hook the grips. Asymmetric and arched, with an arched tip, offers high sensitivity at the tip. The upper combines 7 pieces of microfibre with seams that do not create overlaps. The strap-closing Wave system evenly distributes pressure on the upper allowing volume adjustments. The elastic bellows facilitate the fit. As for the midsole, the minimalist Flexan insert of 1mm ensures maximum sensitivity at the tip. Tensioning, the IPR-tension system ensures maximum flexibility, maintaining tension from the fingers up to the heel. The SRT system guarantees perfect hooks at the tip thanks to the M50 rubber. 1/3-inch outsole in Vibram XS Grip 2 3,5mm with shaped heel XS Grip 2 2mm thick.

Eco Master (Maestro line)

State-of-the-art technology and design applied to a straight shape, suitable for use on multi-pitch routes, are the essence of Maestro Line. Comfortable for prolonged use, suitable for technical routes made of small slippery coated cribs, the Maestro Line is perfect for those who love long routes with technical steps.

The upper combines 3 pieces in Eco leather (without chrome) with side holes and on the tongue, for greater breathability. Up to the point lacing system for a more precise fit. Janus 1.1 mm plastic midsole, designed to distribute force along the entire foot, maintaining the right torsional rigidity to face the smaller supports. The IPC-Tension System guarantees total support to face continuous use on small supports, without compromising the flexibility of the coated ones. Vibram XS Edge 4mm thick sole combined with a layer underneath the XS Grip 2 rubber heel.

Aequilibrium 740x195

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