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Test of the new Grip Laces shoes - Wild evolution

26 September 2017

Montebelluna's kids continue to steadily increase the range of Wildclimb products.

I had to wear Wildclimb with the "Red Panther" already a few years ago, replacing my historical shoe, and changing the shoe (let's tell the truth) is always an unknown, especially since when the knife at the store and when the wall socks seem to be subject to strange and unexplainable transformations. I'm often a wrong model, somewhat trusting in the "heard", somewhat relying on the first impressions in the store, and many times I spent my money unnecessarily.

For the first time in the Grip Laces sensations have been positive. The Grip is a versatile and comfortable shoe. The soft and thicker tongue than the previous models gives immediate comfort to fit, and the new lacing mode is quick and accurate.

The intersuola is perhaps a little stiffer than the Pantera model, but in this case it is still less arched. I find this choice to look for the most versatile form possible, which accommodates the feet in their entirety, while maintaining a high precision and the performance bar to the highest degree.

However, in my opinion, a shoe is most suitable for those who have a not too narrow foot. I have tried them in Finale Ligure on buchetti and micro-beds in the lecchese cliffs under different conditions of temperature and humidity, and I find them very precise.

The Grip Laces are asymmetrical shoes but half a centimeter less than the Pantera and Panther 2.0. In essence they are less rotated, more intuitive, more suitable for plaques but with less adherence to pronounced straps. These features make it a shoe that is precise but not extreme, suitable for those who want to be precise in the cliff but also for those who do not like to suffer (we say that those who want a "off" shoe could very well choose the Grip Laces, maybe using a half in more).

The red side fascia gives it more elasticity, so it makes it good even in "palm" plaques on granite or limestone, without straining the tendon (obviously in this game also plays the number we choose, if we are spreaders, it is better not to take the shoe too narrow, if we appreciate the accuracy it is best to suffer a little).

I wanted to try grips even on blocks and slits. Being a shoe precise if it does well on the blocks as well. The heelkeeping is not perfect but the fit is good and the heel, however, does not remain empty. Finally, since the fashion of climbing trad into slots is getting more and more foot I can say that the real "slit shoe" should be the most "to throw" shoe you have. If you learn to fit your feet well, your shoes are chopped with time; it is therefore advisable to devote a couple only for that use. The characteristics of a good slit shoe in my opinion are: softness, comfort and a reinforced structure. Laced Grips are not soft skirts; I tried, used and worked, but I would not use it except for emergency (a blame in fact ruin it).

I would say that versatility and precision are the features that best accompany this new Wildclimb model.

Since I believe that the opinions and advice are always useful if constructive, I would conclude a small deviation of the path, on a couple of aspects that I missed the eye as soon as I opened the box.

First new, but only and exclusively subjective and I say it for professional deformation, is the graphics. Let's say a good quality shoe would deserve a bit more eye-catching graphics, while keeping the design simple and without exasperation typical of Wildclimb.

According to neo, and this a little more relevant, I noticed a little care in carding the sole, especially on a new shoe like this. I do not know if it's a case just for my pair, but the sole of the tip is not finished well and flips too much instead of having a straight cut. This small defect can interfere with the use of the tip on the minimum footprints. In my opinion, however, this is easy to remodel.

Summing up, having to vote 1 to 10:

  • versatility: 8
  • precision: 9
  • overturning traction: 6
  • push for placental use: 9
  • comfort: 8
  • use for boulders: 7
  • use for slotting in the slot: 5

Here is the technical data provided by the company.

  • Upper: Wildmicrofiber precision
  • Sole: Wild Rubber performance
  • Size: from 33 to 48 + half sizes
  • Camber: 3
  • Offset: 1.5
  • Midsole: Stiff - Rigid

For more information on Grip Laces and WildClimb, visit the company website.

Ilaria Raboni

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