GARMIN: fēnix 6 - Pro Solar Edition

Test of the new version of the famous GARMIN fēnix 6 with Pro Solar technology

03 September 2020
GARMIN fēnix 6 - Pro Solar Edition: a new version with profiles dedicated to climbing, new connectivity and the possibility of solar charging.

Arrived just in time to accompany me during the holidays on the rocks, the GARMIN fēnix 6 Pro Solar immediately presented itself in a beautiful package complete with illustrative graphics, a diagram that highlights its main features: durability in different situations of use, dimensions, weight and main supported applications.

The initial set up, carried out deliberately without consulting user manuals, was simple and even the integration with the Garmin Connect application went smoothly. Among the many sports activities managed and monitored I have selected among my favorites (therefore available with a few presses of the buttons) Hiking, Climbing, Indoor Climbing and Bouldering.

For a climber who has always done this practice without bracelets or any watch on the wrist, the attention immediately went to the feeling that the 85 grams of the smartwatch gave to my wrist, and in fact it took a few days to forget that I have it. worn. In particular, the choice of material and design of the strap make it comfortable even when it adheres well to the wrist to ensure correct measurements, without excessively retaining sweat.

Case (Diamond-Like Carbon coated steel) and glass (Power Gorilla Glass) were a surprise when putting the hand in a not too wide slot, in addition to the rubbing of the rock on the fingers, it was clearly felt that suffered by the fēnix 6 which, unlike my skin, it did not show any scratches.

When the time came to test the applications dedicated to the disciplines, I started the SCALATA profile before starting the ascents to the Gran Sasso. From the altimetric data, the distance and also the energy consumption, this profile is certainly more suitable for tracing mountaineering ascents on normal or crest crossings, than the climbs hanging in a rope along the wall. However, it is very useful when making a “mysterious” approach and you must be sure to retrace the same steps on your return: GPS tracking and map support make everything easier.

The CLIMB INDOOR profile obviously also applies to the crag and allows you to record the meters ascended and descended, the number of ascents made, the grade (which must be entered BEFORE the performance) and personal data, which offer the possibility of collecting a real own diary of the climbing day.

The BOULDERING profile, on the other hand, combines degree, which can be specified using different measurement scales, with climb time, effort and recovery. Great for measuring in detail your progress on routes that can be repeated over and over and thus discovering that the third lap took half the time of the first and 30% less energy.

Some suggestions: for those who wear it while wearing a long-sleeved garment (during mountaineering ascents or on the way for example) beware that if the cuff presses the button you risk interrupting the measurements in progress, in this case it is useful to use the lock function buttons; calibrate the altimetric and barometric references where possible and remember that even after full recharging, energy saving must be deactivated manually, otherwise the functions will not be fully restored automatically.


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