Helly Hansen: Lifa Infinity Pro

A new standard of sustainability in waterproof and breathable clothing for skiing and outdoor activities

07 October 2020
For the Fall / Winter 2020 season, Helly Hansen presents Lifa Infinity Pro ™, a revolutionary technology that challenges the conventions of the outdoor industry.

The Helly Hansen research and development team has created a three-layer laminate using only hydrophobic fibers from Lifa® for the outer fabric, the Norwegian brand's proprietary technology based on the hydrophobic properties of polypropylene, a material that the Norwegian brand has developed from since the seventies, when he created the first technical underwear in the history of the outdoor sector. The result is a three-layer laminate with no concessions to performance in terms of waterproofing and breathability, the production of which minimizes the impact on the environment.

The current solutions available on the market to make the outer surface of waterproof and breathable jackets water-repellent, with the characteristic beading effect of water drops, are based on the DWR - Durable Water Repellent treatment. The overcoming of the traditional DWR treatments based on PFC (perfluorocarbons), which persist in the environment and are potentially dangerous for health, has been based so far on the adoption of PFC-free treatments, i.e. without PFC, which however have shown some limits both of performance for the most demanding uses, and of durability, for which they need to be periodically renewed.

The outer fabric of the Lifa Infinity Pro ™ laminate is made from 100% polypropylene fibers, a hydrophobic material that does not retain water, so it is water repellent without the need to apply any chemical treatment. With this innovation, Helly Hansen is the first brand in the outdoor sector to move from a PFC-Free solution to a DWR-free solution. This involves both a reduction in the chemicals applied to the fabric and the energy required to periodically regenerate traditional DWR treatments that lose their effectiveness over time.

To the DWR-free solution, Helly Hansen has added sustainable manufacturing processes, such as the microporous polypropylene membrane, which can be produced without the use of solvents.

Lifa Infinity Pro ™ fabrics are dyed with solution-dyed technology, which involves coloring the fibers before they are extruded. In this way, the presence of chemicals in the waste water is avoided, as occurs in the traditional dyeing process, and the coloring is permanent. Finally, compared to the polyester fibers commonly used by the outdoor industry, the production of Lifa® fibers reduces the environmental impact by 16% with a saving of 18% of CO2.

"We developed and tested this technology in collaboration with a dozen ski professionals to ensure that our ambitions for innovation and responsibility went hand in hand with the protection necessary for their daily business - explains Philip Tavell, Category Managing Director of the category. Ski by Helly Hansen - Based on over 140 years of experience, Helly Hansen's new Lifa Infinity Pro ™ technology is a key step in building a sustainable future that protects users from the harshest conditions and preserves the environment for the next few. generations. "

For the Fall / Winter 2020/21 season, Lifa Infinity Pro ™ technology will be available in the Elevation Infinity Shell Jacket freeride ski shell and in the Odin Mountain Infinity Shell Jacket ski touring shell.

Technical features

  • Three-layer laminate
  • Welded taped seams
  • Life Pocket + with Airgel Insulation
  • High visibility hood edge
  • Waterproof, breathable and windproof
  • Underarm ventilation zippers
  • Recco® Advanced Rescue System
  • Hooks for trousers
  • Ergonomic arm design
  • Detachable snow gaiter

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