Patagonia: Gritstone Rock Pants

Test of the new Gritstone Rock Pants by Patagonia, rugged climbing pants

17 May 2018
Patagonia presents the Gritstone Rock as sturdy climbing pants, made of organic cotton and polyester, designed to offer long-lasting comfort to rock wanderers and trail nomads.

Since we can not sufficiently extend the test to assess the long-term, we focus on the two essential points: comfort and use during climbing.

Regarding Comfort, I can say that, as soon as I wore the new Gritstone Rock Pants in Patagonia, I discovered that the fit is perfectly adapted to those who, like me, have a wasp vine but the approaching thighs, thus avoiding having to resort to garments that are too stretchy or extra-sized. Interesting the OppoSet button webbing solution that allows you to adjust the size with a simple gesture. In addition, the trousers are presented with a very sober line, certainly also suitable to be worn as casual wear.

The feeling of freshness and strength of organic cotton gives an initial impression of stiffness, which loosens with the first movements thanks to the elasticity of the fabric. In fact, only after wearing them a whole day I felt them soft enough, so that I could move freely on rock.

We come then to the test carried out on a small cliff of gneis, chosen appropriately to verify also the resistance to abrasion. The first advice I give is to empty the pockets completely, as the precise fit benefits then in freedom of movement. While wearing the harness I found that the pants, very high at the waist, have the belt loop that can accommodate the mobile part of the harness which then closes to the center. This arrangement has allowed me to keep the two garments more supportive for the entire duration of the climb, with a better comfort especially to the leg loops where accumulations of fabric generally occur. I do not know if it was designed to offer this solution, but if your sling will allow it I recommend it.

I wanted to test its elasticity by looking for the movements, allowed me, in which the fabric on the knees and on the horse were subjected to maximum stretch and could be a constraint to the movement, but in all cases the elastic response was always adequate. Good also the contraction of the fabric after the stretch that returns sufficiently in shape not creating too many ripples.

During the test some drops of rain fell, which immediately slipped on the fabric instead of wetting it, also highlighting a certain degree of waterproof which usually also means greater resistance to dust and dirt. The weight of just over half a kilo confirms the characteristics of strength but conditions its use in days or situations that are not too hot and sunny.

Last note: the side pocket is NOT a toothbrush holder, it is not in fact convenient to extract it when needed.

Overall I consider it an excellent product to wear both in the city and in the environment. The Gritstone Rock Pants from Patagonia offer an excellent fit and allow you to climb great.

Stretch canvas in 67% organic cotton of 268 g / m² and 33% polyester, with antimicrobial treatment and DWR (long lasting water repellent) treatment.

On this page you can find the details of the Gritstone Rock Pants, for more info on the man line you can instead visit the official website of PATAGONIA.

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