SCARPA: Mescalito

Beautiful, stable, safe and waterproof. SCARPA's Mescalito is an excellent approach shoe in many respects

09 August 2018
The approach shoe provides such a vast range of uses that please everyone seems impossible, so the first thing I asked myself when I gave the availability to this test was: what use do I want to make of these shoes?

Before seeing on what grounds the new Mescalito by SCARPA was used, and what happened in the natural environment, I will tell you about the sensations I felt when I touched them with my hands for the first time, still intact and factory-impregnated.

When I opened the box, to start making sense of my pair of Mescalito, I had no doubts: it's a nice shoe! At least from an aesthetic point of view, which for a man from Milan intoxicated with fashion and design like me is already starting off on the right foot. The color combinations are beautiful, the side lines on the rubber band lighten a lot, and the finish of the neck and tongue are positively noticed. The vibram sole is thin and visually also gives way to the damping parts in EVA of different densities.

I tried to wear them and immediately the fit is nice, the collar wraps the ankle well and the tongue, fixed elastically to the shoe, does not move during the connection and contributes to a good feeling of the banding of the foot. The string is a bit 'thin for my taste, and not always with my fingers from climbers half blocked dall'artrosi to the capsules I can easily fasten. A string a little more sustained I would have liked more.

I use them in the summer for the approach to the cliffs, where it is essential that I do not cook my feet, and in the winter in the snowpacked marshes of the block areas, where being soaked for a day (or poor perspiration) can moisten and freeze the foot. I often use it even on less friendly terrains when I go to do more routes, where I love a shoe more structured but absolutely light, thinking that it may happen to have to carry it with me, tied to the harness or backpack.

Downhill gave me the best feelings, even with heavy loads on the shoulders I felt a good cushioning of the back and the well-wrapped heel, which offers a good feeling of stability. The sole is on the whole well structured even in the front, and the tip without or almost carving does a good job of sealing if you face some easy climbing steps. The feeling of good grip on the rock is also due to the quality of the rubber, which on boulders smoothed by the passage, lichen or wet, has an excellent grip. Lightness is average for the category, I would say good if we consider the consistent structure of the sole.

Impulsement: I've never been a lover of waterproof membranes in light shoes, since with prolonged use always tends to get damaged in the folds, and in addition makes the shoe less breathable and, for me that I have a good sweating, wet and cold. I therefore appreciated these shoes that have a good waterproofing of the upper, but above all an excellent gumming along the entire edge, which prevents water from entering in the most frequent cases, when crossing wetlands, marshes, small streams, areas with traces of snow. The foot with a little forethought remains dry, and the breathability keeps it warm even in less friendly seasons.

Technical details

  • Upper: Suede Water-Resistant 1,8 mm
  • Lining: Stretch textile
  • Form: BNN
  • Sizes: 36 - 48 (with ½ sizes)
  • Weight: 390g (½ pair size 42)


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