[VIDEO] Committed: Babsi vs Sprengstoff - Up-Climbing

[VIDEO] Committed: Babsi vs Sprengstoff

A new series starts dedicated to the strong Austrian climber and her latest and great ascents!


Barbara ZangerlBabsi for all, is undoubtedly one of the strongest climbers in the world: sport climbing routes up to 9a, many of the hardest trad routes in the world, multipitch of the highest levels and big walls among which, just to mention one, the mythical Nose on El Cap!

It is therefore a pleasure to see her in action on some of the routes she sent in recent months and it is with the support of Black Diamond that the “Committed” series starts, with Barbara as the protagonist!

The first episode does not take us very far from Babsi’s house: we are in fact in the Austrian crag of Lorüns, a reference point for local climbing over the years. Here, at the beginning of December 2020, it was Barbara’s life partner, Jacopo Larcher, who climbed a historic and thirty-year project of the site, which became a 9a named Sprengstoff.

Needless to say, Jacopo’s first ascent was the spark that gave Babsi the motivation to engage in the process of climbing this route,  destinated to become her second route of this difficult. In fact, a few months passes and in April of this year, the Austrian was the first to repeat Sprengstoff!

In this video, however, we don’t find only the story of her process but also a wish for the future of this crag. On the other side of the hill, now really a few meters away, there is a quarry that is eating the rock of this mountain: the Loruns crag seems to have really few days left and the risk that this beautiful forest, as well as this beautiful rock, can disappear forever is higher than ever…

Let’s start with this motivating video, waiting for the next episode of the series! Coming soon…