12x 8000ers for Edurne - Up-Climbing

12x 8000ers for Edurne

Today may18th, Spaniards Edurne Pasaban, Ferran Latorre, Juanito Oiarzabal, Asier Izaguirre and  Alex Chicón topped-out Kangchenjunga 8.586 meters. About 20 alpinist “crowded” Camp4:  Corean team of Mi Sun Go, the Spaniards, the Polish Kinga Baranovska, the Norvegian  Jon Gangdal, and Italians  Nives Meroi and  Romano Benet. Edurne is the first woman to have climbed  12x8000ers; the Austrian Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner is engaged in the final push  Lhotse so might equal the number this week. Nives Meroi shortly communicated on sat phone the decision “to go back”.

We must say that, otherwise  the others teams composed of many members, the two Italians can rely only in themselfes. This makes their mountaineering more fascinating, as well as harder the ascent, in reason of the weight they have to carry. In the website of Nives, her sister Leila writes that at 7500 meters near C4, the physical conditions of Romano were not good. Nives took  some weight from Romano  in her back-pack, but it was useless. At that point, she he had no doubt: she gave up the chance to make her attempt to 12tx8000ers, and started the descent with Romano to the base camp. Great Nives!

From Nives website