14x800ers by Australian Andrew Lock - Up-Climbing

14x800ers by Australian Andrew Lock

Summiting Shisha Pangma on October 2, Australian climber Andrew Lock (1961) completed the 14 x 8000ers serie.
Until present time, 18 alpinists topped out all the 14 x 8000ers, and 9 (Reinhold Messner, Erhard Lorétan, Juan Oiarzabal, Alberto Iñurrategi,  Edmund Viesturs,   Silvio Mondinelli,  Iván Vallejo,  Denis Urubko and Veikka Gustaffson) without supplementary oxygen.
Lock soloed Lhotse, Broad Peak and Cho Oyu  and during his activity in Himalaya summited 18 peaks of more than 8000 meters.