New competitor from 14x8000 ladies - Up-Climbing

New competitor from 14×8000 ladies

Koreans Alpinists determination is well known, so ladies are. During the last months, we  followed the successfull ascents of Oh Eun Sun climbing 11 x 8000ers in the never declarared battle to be the first woman to climb all the 14 highests peaks of the planet. She’s now directed to Nanga Parbat.
From east a new competitor: Go Mi Sun.  Numbers are surprising : 3x8000ers in 40 days and 10x 8000ers in 2 and a half years. Last spring Go Mi Sun topped Makalu on april 30, then Kangchenjunga on may 19, and Dhaulagiri on june 9
Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner  climbed 12×8000 and is now at the BC of K2, Edurne Pasaban  12×8000 , Nives Meroi 11×8000 and  Oh Eun Sun 11×8000 now attempting Nanga Parbat.
About "style"there are different interpretations, but  the korean is not very "light" and "alpine" as they can rely on the help of big teams  and  supplementary oxygen.