Fall's session in Himalaya - Up-Climbing

Fall’s session in Himalaya

Edurne Pasaban headed to Tibet next month for her fourth try at Shisha Pangma, and will try Annapurna next spring. "I prefer not to risk my life by doing Shisha Pangma and Annapurna one after another. It is better to be the second or third person to do all 14 rather than not to make it at all," she said. Pasaban will make her ascent with  to the British route on South Wall of Shisha Pangma  in a single push with Asier Izaguirre , Ferran Latorre and Alex Chicon.
In the meantime Korean lady Oh Eun-Sun plans to climb Annapurna this month or the next  (her 14th).
source: www.kairn.com