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8b+ boulder for Iker Pou

Iker Pou, talented basque climber, shows his skills even in boulder and,  after many years of attemps, finally gets a very hard problem: Aker, 8B+ in Apellaniz.
On his website Iker comments: "After more or less 10 years, I’ve finally gotten this problem FA. It’s an extraordinary boulder with 17 movements, which most difficult part is in the 5 last."
It is a boulder of an extraordinary quality as other in the Basque country as  SORGINETXE 8b+ (Larraona), BEREZI 8b/+ (Larraona), ESKU BELTZA 8b+ (Larraona), MONKEY 8b (Larraona), EMBRUJO 8b (Larraona), ARRI BITXI 8B+ (Aizpun), HAY QUE MASTICAR ANTES DE TRAGAR 8b (Baltzola), SOLARIS PLUS 8B (Baltzola)…..”
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