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8b+ in one day for Molly Thompson-Smith

Molly Thompson-Smith climbed Via del Quim in Margalef making the first attempts and RP on the same day. It is the first time for a British woman.

Important personal success for the English Molly Thompson-Smith in Spain where she was the first British to work and close an 8b+ pitch on the same day. This is Via del Quim, in Margalef, which Molly, after a quick study and a couple of attempts, closed without too many problems.

After solving other pitches in the area in past years, Thompson was on the Iberian peninsula for a short 5-day trip with her partner Jan Hojer, among others. On the advice of Jan and Alizee Dufraisse, she got her hands on this route, quickly finding the right sequences to pass and in a few attempts she found herself, incredulously, carabining the chain.

Since November, Molly has been quarreling with a finger that, after surgery in 2018, was struggling to settle down and bothered her a lot. Curiously, following that old adage that it is okay (under certain conditions) to climb over the pains as long as you don’t force, she started a therapy on Spanish rock which apparently  worked well.

The next goals are a last pass for the Olympics and then, if you were to continue on rock, he plans to find a nice tough project in the UK, which is not lacking, and raise his maximum of 8c reached with La Fabelita and Rollito Sharma Extension in 2018.

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