8b+ onsight for Rogora and Lukan - Up-Climbing

8b+ onsight for Rogora and Lukan

Vita Lukan and Laura Rogora conquire two 8b+ onsight.

Onsight is considered the most pure style of climbing by a lot of appassionated. The skill to climb a rout during the first try without knowing anything about it is something magical for everyone. Right now, the world class climbers have onsighted route until 9a for men and 8b+ for women.

Laura Rogora is not new on this kind of actions, she has already onsighted an 8b+back in 2020. In San Rocchino, a crag which is on the wave right now, Laura has onsighte dtwo more extreme routes. We are talking about Obi One Kenobi, 8b+, and No comment L2 8b. 

In Spain, during an holiday with others strong climbers, Vita Lukan si è misurata in un’epica battaglia con Geminis, an historical 8b+. Despite she is more a competitor than a rock climber, she has demostrated her climbing skills sending it onsight.

It was a huge fight not just against the pump but also against myself. It was hard to stay calm in the upper part of 40m long kingline where mind started playing tricks with me. Still have some kind of love-hate relationship with these long and overhanging routes in Rodellar… And I still haven’t gotten used to climb with knee bars!

With them, in the 8b+ onsight club, we find: Josune Bereziartu, Charlotte Durif, Maja Vidmar, Sasha Di Giulian, Kajsa Rosén, Anak Verhoeven and Martina Demmel. 

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