8c boulder at 47! - Up-Climbing

8c boulder at 47!

Another demonstration of the power of will in climbing

What means climbing an 8c boulder when you are 47 years old?

and if you have been climbing only since 12 years since you started at 35?

it is usually reported that mental strength plays a 30% importance in climbing, but probably this percentage is really too low. More and more cases are demonstrating that, thanks to determination and will, it is possible to reach the top level even if the body and physical strength is not that of a young boy anymore.

Akira Waku is another demonstration: at 35, without any physical training of any kind, he discovers climbing. There are no gyms closeby, so he builds one and starts training and training on his own, without any coach.

…and here we can see him sending an 8C boulder in Japan!


This line is Babel in Shiobara, a boulder by Dai Koyamada originally graded 8C/+ but now confirmed as 8C after the first repeats.


News: 8a.nu