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8C boulder for Raboutou and Stranik

After a few calm days, now great results are arriving again!

Shawn and Brooke Raboutou are not new names in the international climbing world, due to the hard ascents that this brother and sister did since they were children. The DNA is the proper one since their parents, Didier Raboutou and Robyn Erbesfield, were two of the strongest climbers of the world some years ago!

Being only 20 years old, Shawn is already one of the strongest US climbers and his last ascent confirms it. Raboutou is now in Rocklands and on his Instagram profile he reported about the repeat of The Finnish Line, the great 8C/+ climbed by Nalle Hukkataival last year and then repeated by Alex Megos and Toby Saxton. The latter one proposed the 8C+ while Shawn thinks it could be 8C. This grade had been already joined by the guy when he was 18, with the ascent of Monkey Wedding and Spray of Light.

In the meanwhile, also the 28 years old Martin Stranik is climbing hard and in Moravia Carst he does the first ascent of Tekuté Štěstí, a new 8C that he so comments and of which we can also see the video:

“I tried it barely during last years doing stand up version and figure out sitstart moves, process of proper trying was three days. It is great powerful problem with hard ending.”


Fonte: 8a.nu