8c onsight by Charlotte Durif - Up-Climbing

8c onsight by Charlotte Durif

Excellent results both in competition  that outdoor for the French top climber Charlotte Durif (20)  as she won the first  WC lead held Chamonix, and  in 2010 has already sent  four  8c  (16 in her career) 

And now a very important achievement: Le roi du Petrole in Pic Saint Loup 8c onsight. This should be the highest difficulty overcome in this style by a woman.

"It was long time that I was loooking for the right route  – Durif writes on his website – “that allowed me to find my way. And I finally found the right balance between continuity, technical difficulty and length so I could push harder my level
Not tired of the exploit, an hour after  Durif did onsight Genèse des mutants 8b (17  8b’s routes on sight) and the next day Smails paradis 8b + – the fourth of his career – and the Mémoire des mutants 8b, a route that last part in common with Genèse des mutants.
Source  Charlotte Durif
Photos:kairn and Charlotte Durif