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8c for Mayan Smith-Gobat

Mayan Smith-Gobat reached one of her goals the other day by climbing L’arcademicien, 8c, at Céüse for its first female ascent and her first 8c

 "L’arcademicien is a relatively new route, yet is very typical "Ceuse-style" climbing. It follows a grey streak up 25 meters of very sustained, technical climbing on micro holds, interrupted by the occasional long lock to a reasonable hold. Not only is this the hardest route I have climbed, but also the first time a Kiwi woman has climbed 8c, and the second NZ ascent of an 8c outside of New Zealand"  Mayan Smith-Gobat writes on her blog

In the past Mayan devoted herself to skiing and was competing and became a semi-professional skier. Her focus returned to climbing in 2001 when a skiing accident forced her to spend the next 6 months on crutches. 

Mayan soon established herself as the strongest female climber in the NZ climbing scene, and is currently one of the most accomplished climbers (male or female) in the country. 

In 2008  she made first ascent of 8b and 8b+ routes  Heaven/ Little Babylon, Milford,  NZ and in 2009 in  Céüse, in Black  Bean 8b+, Radote Joli Pepere 8b  e Le Chirurgien du Crepuscule 8b.
source: mayasmithgobat blog