9a sent by Adam Ondra: "Climb For Life", in San Vito Lo Capo, Sicily - Up-Climbing

9a sent by Adam Ondra: “Climb For Life”, in San Vito Lo Capo, Sicily

The Czech master sends the first 9a in Sicily, bolted with the help of Berni, his friend from Brescia. He needed only two days for bolting and trying the route… Adam tried his first attempt immediately after having set the route, and only three today.

The route runs along an arch-shaped overhang; the line is on the edge of the arch, and features two boulder-like moves – the first half-lenght, the second at the top. The weather was good enough, with just some gusts of wind. Adam has overcome quite easily the first crux, and climbed up to the top, where the second crux was waiting for him. Meanwhile, in the upper part, the sun was heating the wall.
After having failed the crucial dyno, he managed to hold a sloper (seemingly impossible!), rest for a second and, with his trademark shout and an incredible determination (which he dismiss as "luck"!), tried again the dyno overcoming the edge of of the overhang. The very last moves are just for gathering applauses from a cheering audience.
As for the difficulty, he confirms his first assessment, proposing 9a.

The route name?
Finding it is the last crux… after a first hesitation, a bit of rest and having savoured a tasty and deserved cannolo, here it is: Climb For Life, paying tribute to the association which is promoting social engagement amongst Italian climbers.