9a+ FA for Enzo Oddo - Up-Climbing

9a+ FA for Enzo Oddo

The young talent Oddo Enzo has managed yesterday the first ascent of La moustache qui fâche, a route on the left of to San Ku Kaï in Entraygues, not far from the Argentière La Bessée (Hautes Alpes – France).
Oddo, who found the much harder than Condé de choc and San Ku Kai, suggest grade 9a +
 "The route consists of three sections of the block without resting on the upper and steep part of the wall, with circa 20 moves" – Enzo writes in his blog.

La moustache qui fâche was a project of Yann (Diego) Ghesquier: "I have to say that Diego is pretty impressive! He finished with a second place on France Championship in 1990 (I was not yet born …), which had a value of a World Cup final, the French level was so higher! And twenty years later, it goes on San Ku Kai, then, not too late, he goes the same evening to the hut and then on the morning climb a Goulotte on the south wall of the Ecrins. A mutant! 
The name of the route comes from a "mustache" of Sika that Diego had put in at first and then removed, as it was anyway climbable
For Enzo Oddo is the third 9a +, after Biographie last August and Aubade Directe at La Sainte Victoire on 11 May 2011. (VIDEO) 
Source site Enzo Oddo

Source: site Enzo Oddo