Grivel Mont Blanc wins Outdoor Industry Award - Up-Climbing

Grivel Mont Blanc wins Outdoor Industry Award

The OutDoor INDUSTRY AWARD competition was held by Messe Friedrichshafen during OutDoor 2009. Manufacturers and designers focusing on the outdoor industry had submitted a total of 289 entries in this year’s competition – and most of them definitely fell into the category of “innovative”.
In the end, 63 products were were chosen as prizewinners under the intense scrutiny of the jury. All of the award-winning products were on a special  display in an exhibition during the show in Foyer West.on the ground floor. 
The OutDoor INDUSTRY AWARD “ seal of quality“ for outstanding design shows consumers what is innovative and functional as well as environmentally friendly and sustainable. Now in its fourth year, the OutDoor INDUSTRY AWARD, hosted by Messe Friedrichshafen and organized by iF, has already gained a solid reputation among manufacturers, retailers and consumers.The Jury, formed by Gregor Baer (INDIGO Schwabe & Baer Entwicklungs GmbH, Munich/D), Nils Bloch-Hoell (Norwegian Trekking Association / Norway), Mark Held (European Outdoor Group / Switzerland), Marietta Uhden (sports climber, Bad Tölz/D), Frank Wacker (Editorial team outdoor, Motor Presse Stuttgart, Stuttgart/D) and Olaf Wittayer (Die OUTDOOR-PROFIS, Limburg/D) judged the entries submitted on the basis of the following catalogue of criteria:

Degree of innovation, Design quality, Workmanship, Choice of materials, Environmental compatibility, Sustainability, Functionality, Utility, Safety, Trendsetting character and Brand value/Branding

Submissions were accepted in the following categories:

Apparel/Helmets/Shoes, Backpacks/Travel luggage, Mountain-climbing equipment, Camping equipment, Sleeping bags, Accessories, Products with high ecological and sustainable value and Material innovations. Students were invited to enter experimental designs of products and studies that had not yet been realized in the “Concepts” category.
Grivel Mont Blanc, Courmayeur/Italy was awarded for FUTURA ICE AXE for its capacity to link steel, plastic, light alliage, each used for its peculiarity in the right point of the tool. Light, innovative and functional, FUTURA ice axe  guarantees as well an ergonomic handle and cold  insulation
This is the second year that the dinamic company Grivel Mont Blanc of Gioachino and Betta Gobbi is awarded by The OutDoor INDUSTRY AWARD ( last year was for Steel Blade, the lightest shovel of the world, provided of a steel blade to cut the hardest snow).

"We are very happy, because our meanings ant contents were understood" – was said by Grivel –  "Our company has an highly consideration for design. We are very proud to be awarded for the second time and we hope to keep on our step on the way of the innovation. For us, this the right way to pass the worldwide crisis"