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Adam Ondra, 100 9a or harder routes

Resolving Mr. Poland in Podzamcze, Adam Ondra did his 100th route graded 9a or superior and this naturally is something absolutely incredible. For the large part of climbers, doing just only one 9a is the life realization but for Mr Ondra this became a new way of life when he was 13. So young he did Martin Krpan in Misja Pec, the first realization of his incredible list.
About Mr. Poland Adam says: "Oh yeees,100th 9a and harder, took me 8 years to do them. This one was a special climb, completely vertical pocket climbing with super slippery footholds, especially if it is as cold as today! 3rd go, would have been second go if drone crash hadn’t happened next to me on my second go!"
This was really an wonderful year for Adam, both for competitions that rock performance. Winning World Championship Lead and Boulder became the first climber to close first in the same season. More, he won also La Sportiva Legends Only and was great protagonist in World Cup. For sport climbing, confirmed the 9a onsight, and 9b afterwork.