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Adam Ondra and the control of on sight climbing

Continue the looting of on sight routes in Canada for Adam Ondra who has now did an 8c + OS in the land of the great north.

It is not the performance with which the phenomenal Czech climber has accustomed the whole world but they are always a performance that few, very few climbers are able to do, and on this a little thought should be done. It is not that everything that is climbed below its maximum is easy or less important, indeed, sometimes the single exploit can not be representative of the real value of a climber. This in general starts, Ondra is an exception.

But, as he himself has pointed out several times, “it is not because I have climbed 9a on sight that the 9a becomes an” easy ” grade to do. This remains a very difficult difficult and sometimes comes OS. “

This is to say that even the OS ascent of First Flight in the usual Acephale, must not pass as a minor performance, also because it adds to the other climbs of Endless Summer 8b, Existence Mundane 8c and Ojas 8b + while just before, Ondra had solved in this style also Black Cobra 8b, Rusty Nail 8b + and freed Catch Up 8b at the Herculane crag in Romania (where for the record he had also released Stone Butterfly of 9a +) and stopping at Gimmelwald (Switzerland) had always seen Goldfinger 8c on sight. There is no mention of degree “9” OS but there is no climber in the world who in two months do something similar.

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