Adam Ondra in Val Camonica (Italy) - Up-Climbing

Adam Ondra in Val Camonica (Italy)

Adam Ondra attended on  Friday, June 24 in Darfo Boario the première of Petr Pavlicek’s new film “L’arrampicata del presente e del futuro” and took also the opportunity to climb some pitches in the beautiful cliffs of Brescia, Paline and Cimbergo.
Local climber Giacomo Damiola sent us this report:
 "Friday afternoon we went to Paline, and after a fast warm up, Adam climbed on sight Io e te  8b+, 2nd go  Cuore di pietra 8c, then tried a project not yet freed where he did all the moves but fell twice. Adam suggests 8c+ for this project.
 Finally on La Cucaracia 8b, broke a hold and fell down.
Saturday Adam rested and on Sunday we headed to Cimbergo where he did on-sight Linea di confine 8a+, freed on 2nd go Charlie and cats 8c+ and finally did the 1st redpoint at the 2nd attempt for a project that evaluated 8c and that will be called Io con voi non gioco piu’. Towards noon he left for a training session at Arco. What to say? Adam practices another sport !!"
Adam Ondra Sikaku at Cimbergo VIDEO