Campus Board with Adam Ondra - Up-Climbing

Campus Board with Adam Ondra

Developed by Wolfgan Gullich at the end of ’80, Campus Board today called is, for Adam Ondra, an important instrument to increase own level but with some attentions. Campus board in fact is as useful ad dangerous in particolar for beginners cause it brings a substantial power raise not accompained to technical aspects and in this way could be more damaging than useful.
For Adam, pure power and endurance power are the aspects enhnced thanks to Campus Board to which you should dedicate a specifical trainign session. In a lot of cases in fact, climbers use it after climbing in the gym but this could be dangerous. After a good worming up and spending time for stretching at the end, the perfect Capus session should be a specifical session not linked to climb.
For all exercises possible, just see this new Adam video!