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Other 8C for Webb and Raboutou!

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8C ascents in bouldering go on, now with Jimmy Webb and Shawn Raboutou.

For Webb a remarkable climb in Bishop, where he gained the fifth ascent of Lucid Dreaming, the 8C sent by Paul Robinson in 2010 and then repeated only by Daniel Woods (2014), Alex Megos (2015) and Toru Nakajima (2017). A line on furious crimps where the hard section is a couple of really extreme movements. Jimmy is one of the strongest boulderers ever, yet this boulder problem has been particularly significant for him. Here is indeed what he comments from his Instagram page:

“Throughout my climbing life I’ve always considered myself a terrible crimp climber. I convinced myself long ago that I was either too big, or just to weak to be able to push myself in this style. So with this in mind I’ve simply stayed away. I feel like I’ve always been scared to try these types of boulders because deep down I believed I was going to fail. Sometimes though, you just want to prove to yourself that you can do it. Or at least try damn hard. This was the case for me this winter season in Bishop. I arrived with zero expectations and on my 9th day of battle I was able to make an ascent of ‘Lucid Dreaming’ V15 // I learned a lot from this experience and the most important part of that was to always try and never shy away from a challenge just because you think you can’t do it. In climbing the biggest way anyone can improve is by pushing themselves towards a goal that they never thought possible. The process is long and exhausting but it teaches us so much.. and in the end we come out a stronger more capable person ready to push it even further.”

From Webb’s great ascent in Bishop, let’s come back in Ticino with his compatriot Shawn Raboutou, with Giuliano Cameroni on new lines in the Valle Bavona. Giuliano himself, from his Instagram page, reports that Shawn has climbed a new extreme line: Roadkill, an 8C that the twos have tried for a couple of seasons and that Cameroni considers one of the best boulder problems in Ticino!

Still in Valle Bavona, another repeat of the legendary Off The Wagon, 8B+. Climbing it is now Jakob Schubert, who reported the video on his Instagram profile, revealing that he also went very close to the sit version of 8C+.


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